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OHAUS NZ Centrifuges

OHAUS Frontier Series Centrifuges


The Frontier Series includes Multi Pro, Micro, Multi, and Mini Centrifuges that have been carefully designed to provide liquid separation for various life science applications.

The OHAUS centrifuges are perfect for almost every application with models available to spin 1.5ml to 250ml tubes using both angle and swing-out rotors. Browse our range of models for more detailed product information and features.

Our comprehensive Frontier 5000 Rotor Guide will help you select the right rotor for all your basic to high performance sample preparation needs with Frontier centrifuges.

Download Frontier 5000 Rotor Guide

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OHAUS NZ Courier 3000 Freight Parcel Shipping Scales

User-Friendly Basic Low-Profile Scales for General Shipping and Veterinary Applications

Ideal for general shipping jobs or veterinary applications. Low-profile design with 1.5 mm thick painted steel platform to last rigorous daily use. Coiled cable ensures flexible display mounting.

The OHAUS Courier 3000’s Display Hold mode (for use with large boxes and packages) retains weight on the large 1.1 in./28 mm high backlit display, until cleared.

AC adapter power included, and disposable battery power (not included) for portable use.

OHAUS NZ Products Help Control and Improve Seafood Processing
OHAUS Products Help Control and Improve Seafood Processing

Streamline every aspect of food processing
AOHAUS products are designed to make your job easier- no matter what the task. From beginning to end, OHAUS makes it easy to find the perfect product for all of your food processing needs.

Weight and portion control
Controlling the weight of each portion of seafood is crucial for ensuring a consistent customer experience, controlling food waste and complying with legal-for-trade packaging requirements. OHAUS products can be used to weigh bulk totes of incoming seafood, set portion sizes, recheck in-line equipment and test post-packaging samples to ensure LFT compliance. Many OHAUS products include GMP and GLP fields, and can be integrated into data systems for traceability. Post packaging, higher capacity scales can be used for loading skids and other operations in the warehouse facility prior to shipping.

Moisture Content Analysis
Many seafood processing facilities use the moisture content of seafood to assess the freshness of the product being processed. Throughout the process, seafood will shed water content at a consistent rate, and the end product will also be tested after packaging to gauge how closely it matches process requirements.

pH and Salinity
OHAUS pH and other Starter testers can be used to track key aspects of incoming or in-process seafoods. Whether it is pH for acidity in packaging or salinity and total dissolved solids in brines and other seafood preservatives, OHAUS has a Starter meter for your application needs.

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OHAUS Plays a Role in Global Covid-19 Research

Scientists and researchers around the world are hard at work studying the Coronavirus. As they seek to trace it, understand it, uncover treatments and a vaccine, they require precision laboratory equipment and weighing instruments. This is where OHAUS plays an important role.

The challenges created by the pandemic are numerous and far-reaching, but we remain committed to the laboratories who rely on us. We are steadfast in our focus on reliably precise products, efficient distribution, quality customer service, and, of course, safety – of our employees and customers. We’ve also been listening closely to our customers and suppliers and have been exploring product enhancements to further help support the fight against Covid-19.

OHAUS NZ Explorer
The OHAUS Explorer Series Balances are Now Available with EX2.20 Software Upgrade

Unmatched Intelligent Performance with the EX2.20 Update.

Simplifying complex laboratory measurements, offering more comprehensive application modes, and enhanced data recording and accountability – the OHAUS Explorer Series with EX2.20 offer unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance balances that are extremely accurate, durable, and ideal for laboratory environments.

The enhanced user management system, data recording and accountability, expanded support for RFID readers, and new application modes guarantees that the Explorer Series Balances can record and store more relevant data and expand their functionality in your laboratory or industrial setting.

Simplified User Management
The Explorer Series Balances now feature an enhanced User Management system allowing users to be assigned to 1 of 4 pre-existing groups with varying access rights; create over 110 accounts with admin configurable password protection.

Enhanced Data Recording and Accountability
Explorer balances are now equipped with an expanded system log that will record changes to the balance settings, calibration adjustments and printed results, user access data, GMP/GLP data fields, export of the log as a PDF file and saved to a USB flash drive, and the ability to store up to 5000 events.

Expanded Functionality
Featuring support for the UE-600 GIGATEK RFID reader, an Integrated Repeatability Test including a guide to help determine a Minimum Weight, and a new Fill Weight Variation application mode, Explorer Series Balances can record and store more relevant data to expand their functionality and applications in your laboratory or industrial setting.

Learn More About Explorer Series Balances with EX2.20
Explorer Semi-Micro, Explorer Analytical, Explorer Precision, and Explorer Precision High Capacity.

Weigh it right with Pioneer PX

There are many types of balances that are being used for this purpose, they differ in capacities and readabilities but all of them are sensitive to harsh environment conditions. There are many factors that influence the weighing results. If the balance's location does not comply with the guidelines of weighing the right way, there is a high probability that results are not going to be repeatable or accurate each time a weighing is performed. Air drafts, temperature changes, direct exposure to sunlight or even lack of proper maintenance of the balance might cause the results to be simply wrong. The better/higher the readability of the balance is, the higher the chances of incorrect results negatively affecting the whole weighing or research process etc.

One of the factors having a direct, negative effect on weighing results are static charges. They cannot be seen but are influencing adversely the weighing results if present. Mistakes in readouts are more likely and more significant if the balance's readability reaches up to 4th or 5th decimal place, however not only analytical and semi-micro balances are prone to it. Elimination of static charges might require increasing relative humidity in the room, changing the way of storing samples or weighing boats, or using external devices. OHAUS Explorer Semi-Micro balances have a built-in Ionizer as standard in selected models, there is also a standalone Ionizer available as an accessory.

The Pioneer PX balances have been equipped with a feature helping to eliminate static charges too. On the top of the draftshield there is a red bar located – it is a static charges removal device that is made of dissipative ABS. No additional power or connection is needed to make it work. Elimination of static charges requires just touching the bar with the object that requires grounding.

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